Finn Westbury


Rider Q&A


Nickname: My full name is Finnian so technically Finn is a nickname. My friend Jack also calls me Champagne Finny but that’s about it!

Where are you from: Calgary, AB

Home Mountain: Mountain… Sunshine Village. Home Hill? COP.

Who’s your crew: SRD

Regs or Goofs: Regs

What are you riding: All Salomon errything! Currently, 155 Huck Knife with Holograms and Hifi Boots.

Go-to trick: Fs 3

Embarrassing story or special talent: Special talent would be the “ufo” aka nosegrab and tail grab at the same time. Currently landlocked but maybe that will change one day.

Spirit animal: As a child I had a weird obsession with Polar Bears so that could be a sign.

Shout outs: Both Jordan and Dustin at Doing Business. Jared at ROB for helping make this connection years ago. Sam at Shredz for being a G. Everyone at Salomon. All the rest of my sponsors. Each and every single person who’s down with SRD. All my good friends. My family.